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The following table includes Houndoom's base level for each stat, the range for each stat at level 50/100 with max EVS and the overall percentile. Minimum and maximum levels are calculated with 0 and 31 IVs respectively (ranges calculated with Veekun's calculator).


Being in the 72.3rd percentile, Houndoom is at par with other Pokémon such as Alakazam, Gengar, Muk and Hawlucha. It's stats aren't too shabby in general with the exception of defense. Being a fire and dark type, Houndoom has one of the lowest base defenses out of all the Pokémon. Therefore, you definitely want to watch out for things it is weak against... It is best to avoid FIGHTING, GROUND, ROCK and WATER moves/Pokémon whenever possible. Despite it's poor defense, Houndoom excels in special attack and speed. If you are able to take the opponent out quickly, you won't have to worry too much about Houndoom's endurance in battle. Houndoom is immune to PSYCHIC moves and takes half damage from DARK, FIRE, GHOST, GRASS, ICE and STEEL moves.


Do you compete with Houndoom in the Pokéatholon (HG/SS)? If so, the following table depicts its stats:


Strategy: EVs, IVs & Natures

Even though I do not analyze all possible move sets and strategies, I do have experience using many different Houndoom. Please note, though, I am not a competitive battler by any means. I have simply formed a strategy for using Houndoom in battle after using one in every single save file I have. If you wish to make Houndoom a member of your party and are interested in my opinion, feel free to read on!

EV training is something that can help Houndoom out a lot if you are willing to do it. X/Y made it much easier to do so with Super Training, so I would highly suggest improving it's base stats if possible. In the past, I've usually maxed out both SPEED and SPECIAL ATTACK EVs in order to hit hard and fast. Like I mentioned previously, Houndoom has incredibly low defense. It's so low that it probably isn't even worth trying to make up for it by EV training. However, in my most recent play through of X, I decided to max out SPECIAL ATTACK and split the remaining EVs between SPEED and DEFENSE. I think I will EV train from this way from now on because I actually liked the results. Houndoom was able to better withstand hits and I didn't notice a drastic reduction in the amount of times Houndoom went first.

Another way to help Houndoom's stats is to pay attention to natures and IV characteristics. I've used BOLD (↑ defense, ↓ attack) the most out of any nature and have been pleased with it. However, I never teach Houndoom physical moves. If you plan on Houndoom learning more than just special moves, I would suggest going for a neutral nature such as HARDY, QUIRKY or SERIOUS. Again, because of Houndoom's poor defense, I try to increase the stat as much as possible. Other choices to increase defense include IMPISH (↑ defense, ↓ sp. attack) or RELAXED (↑ defense, ↓ speed). I have also used a MODEST ↑ sp. attack, ↓ attack) Houndoom with some success as well! IV characteristics are the short blurb that comments on your Pokémon's personality when looking at its stats. They are more than just a personality description, though, as they inform you what your Pokémon's highest IV stat is! I'm not terribly picky with these (mainly because I lack the patience to breed for more than just the nature I want), but I would definitely prefer a Houndoom with it's highest stat in defense. Sturdy body, capable of taking hits, highly persistent, good endurance and good perseverance are the five characteristics for defense.

Of course, one last way to improve Houndoom's fighting capabilities is to Mega Evolve it! Mega Houndoom has base stat increase total of 100 and thus becomes much stronger. Luckily for Houndoom users, Mega Houndoom has a much better defense (in the 75.8th percentile versus the 23.8rd percentile)!

Strategy: Move Set

The following links provide tables with all the moves Houndour/Houndoom learn by leveling up. If you are interested in TMs/HMs, move tutors, or the original generation II & III, please head over to Serebii for more detailed information.


Houndoom has better SPECIAL ATTACK and therefore I use special moves almost exclusively when picking attacks for him. Before X/Y, my usual move set would be FLAMETHROWER, SHADOW BALL, DARK PULSE and TOXIC. Flamethrower and Dark Pulse were my STAB moves (x2 damage because the moves match Houndoom's type). I hardly use ghost type Pokémon and therefore am partial to Shadow Ball. Lastly, Toxic can be very deadly in prolonged battles and is a way for Houndoom to do some damage even if it doesn't last the entire battle.

With the addition of the fairy type in X/Y, however, poison moves became much more useful. I altered Houndoom's move set to include: FLAMETHROWER, DARK PULSE, SLUDGE BOMB and either SHADOW BALL again or THUNDER FANG depending on the nature. I tried using a neutral Houndoom in my most recent play through of X and gave Thunder Fang a whirl. I can certainly see perks of having move types to counter your weaknesses, after all. It was definitely useful to have different type in his move pool, but it didn't pack much of a punch when it was used. If your Houndoom is more of a physical fighter, however, I think this move would be much more efficient.

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