Origins & Name

I would argue Noivern's design is most heavily based on a wyvern. A wyvern is a type of dragon that has only two legs. Rather than having four legs like a standard western dragon, a wyvern's wings exist in place of a front pair of legs. Wyverns also typically have barbed tails. Clearly then, Noivern's design matches a description of a wyvern well. Noivern also appears to have some bat origin as well based on its behaviors and abilities. It uses ultrasonic waves to travel and is a very efficient hunter in the dark. The fluff around Noivern's neck is likely more inspired from bats than a scaly wyvern, too. In addition, some types of bats have ears that look disproportionally larger than their heads, which could have served as some inspiration for Noivern's ears. The inside of Noivern's ears also look like giant speakers. This makes sense considering they emit powerful sound waves with the ability to crush boulders!

Noivern's English name is likely derived from a combination of "noise" and "wyvern." Noivern is classified as the Sound Wave Pokémon and has a variety of attacks relating to sound and noise. As described above, Noivern's basic design is similar to that of a wyvern. Therefore, a "noise wyvern" is a fitting name for such a Pokémon! Noivern's Japanese name is オンバーン (Onbaan), which has a similar connotation. 音 (on) means sound and バーン (baan) is a shorted form of ワイバーン (waibaan), meaning wyvern.

Why Noivern

To be honest, I'm not sure why Noivern suddenly became one of my top favorite Pokémon. Flygon had been my favorite dragon-type for a few years and I never expected another one to surpass it so quickly. I really liked Noivern's design when it was one of the first 6th generation Pokémon leaked. I planned on definitely using it in my party when I got my copy of Y! I was disappointed to find out Noibat was not obtainable until towards the end of the game and therefore gave up on having one in my main party. I enjoyed seeing Alexa's Noivern in the anime series but otherwise pushed it aside in my mind. It wasn't until I got a copy of X that I was able to fully enjoy using a Noivern. I ended up breeding a Noibat in my Y version to trade an egg to X. I trained Noibat with the rest of my party (albeit with some challenge!) and was absolutely ecstatic when it finally evolved. It was during the moment of its evolution that I truly realized how much I liked Noivern. Who wouldn't like a dragon-bat Pokémon with a temper?! I knew it'd be a little bit of a challenge to make a decent site to a Pokémon that only exists in one game title but, I wanted to give it a shot anyway. I'm certainly glad I did!

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