The Trainer

Name: Samantha
3DS Friend Code: 4957-3568-0431
First Game: Pokémon Red (1998)
First Pokémon: Squirtle
Currently Playing: Pokémon Sun
Favorite Region: Sinnoh
Favorite Characters: Lance, Zinnia, Silver, Cheren, Misty & Iris

Versions Owned: Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, FireRed, Diamond, Platinum, XD, HeartGold, Black, White, White 2, X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun

Starters Chosen: Charmander, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Turtwig, Snivy, Fennekin, Popplio

Shiny Pokémon: Pikachu, Deerling, Geodude, Caterpie, Basculin, Metagross

History: Pokémon is the fandom I've had the longest—dating back to 4th grade. I still vividly remember some boys in my class playing the card game. After asking them about it and visiting the official website, I got my very first pack of cards. I watched the anime and collected the cards for a while, but my greatest enjoyment came from playing the video games. I've had countless play throughs on all of the versions listed above. I love thinking about and planning teams, training and evolving Pokémon and working my way through the various stories. I don't currently battle competitively, but I do pay attention to natures, personality characteristics and spent many hours EV training in the 6th generation games! I'll be the first to admit that the primary reason I buy new Nintendo consoles is just to play Pokémon; I didn't get a GBA, DS or 3DS until Pokémon came to those systems respectively.

Pokédex Goals: I typically only catch Pokémon I like... So, I haven't completed the Pokédex since Yellow version. However, as of my most recent play throughs of X and Sun, I have decided to actually try harder to complete the Pokédex!

Occupation: I really liked the concept of a "Pokémon Rescue Squad" ever since I saw it in the Black/White anime. Ideally, once I was done traveling the world, I would join a squad and help other trainers and Pokémon in trouble with my team dependent on the situation in question.

Active Parties

Below are the teams I am using in my "active" games—basically those on the 3DS. This will be updated as needed. The play through for each game is noted in italics.

Pokémon X - 2nd

Pokémon Y - 3rd

Pokémon Omega Ruby - 1st

Pokémon Alpha Sapphire - 1st

Pokémon Sun - 1st

Leader Samantha

I prefer to use a more well-balanced team. That being said, I've often mused over what type of gym leader I would be and what my team would look like based off of that! I ultimately decided that I would be a ghost-type gym leader and that my party would be as follows:



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